This bundle includes a series of activities that allow you to keep your Italian alive through listening, reading, writing and conversation.


for listening

You can attend 4 webinars that will take place over the course of the year. Each webinar will focus on aspects of Italian language, culture, and society. Before each webinar, you will receive materials that you can use to help better prepare yourself.


21.12 – Divina commedia

19.03 – Decameron

11.06 – Le Marche (info)

18.06 – Pinocchio

25.06 – L’Umbria

17.09 – Italo Calvino

17.12 – San Francesco


for reading

You will get 4 issues of Pensierini Magazine, a quarterly magazine containing stories written by other students, in simple, clear Italian, accompanied by illustrations and quirks of Italian language, culture, and society. A useful tool for all those readers who want to practice by reading essays written in simple, clear Italian.


03/2021 Pensierini Magazine #6

06/2021 Pensierini Magazine #7

09/2021 Pensierini Magazine #8

12/2021 Pensierini Magazine #9


for writing

Learn Italian through writing. You can send up to 4 essays (max. 1 page), on any subject or one of our choosing, that will receive personalized and in-depth corrections based on a grammar chart. Then, if you want, your essays will be published on our blog and in our periodical.


for speaking

You have 1 hour of online lessons, for conversation, getting to know each other, and delving into questions raised during the webinars, while reading the magazine, or while writing the essays.


Price: 100 €

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