4 seasons

4 seasons (4 stagioni) is a course of study that allows you to deepen your knowledge of the Italian language and culture in a useful and entertaining way: through listening to our webinars, reading our magazine, writing for our blog and engaging in conversation. And, it is up to you to choose when to do it. In addition, while participating in this program of study, you will become part of a community of students throughout the world who, like you, love Italy. Read our brochure here.

4 webinars

to listen

Our webinars allow you to improve your knowledge of Italy and Italian. Four in-depth webinars on books and writers who have been able to share Italy in an original way. If you can’t follow them live, don’t worry. You’ll receive the recording, which you can watch whenever you want.

4 magazines

to read

Do you want to read texts written in a facilitated Italian? Our magazine collects the best stories written by students for our blog, accompanied by illustrations and curiosities about the Italian language, culture and society. The magazine is laid out and illustrated in such a way as to allow a reading that makes the study of the Italian language enjoyable. Every three months you will receive a new issue in digital format, which you can read on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Or you can print and read.

4 fixes

for writing

Do you want to learn Italian by writing? Sometimes, writing allows us to reflect on the language and to make order of what we have learned. You can send up to 4 texts, each a maximum length of 2000 characters (one page), on a free theme or of our choice, which will receive a personalized and thorough correction through a grammar card. Then, if you want, your texts will be published in our blog and in our magazine.

1 hour

to talk

Do you want to put into practice what you have learned? You will have an hour to talk about anything you want. A moment to deepen the issues addressed during our webinars, while reading the magazine or writing texts. And if you like this type of conversation you can sign up for individual conversation lessons.



Price: 120 €


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