The story


Pensierini was created in 2018, from an idea that Ugo Coppari e Federica Crescentini had, to create a useful blog for all the students who want to learn Italian as a second language through writing. In 2019, thanks to a collaboration with illustrator Valerio Compagnone, we started Pensierini Magazine, that owes its existence to a crowdfunding campaign, in which many showed their belief in our project: students, writers, and readers who have since become an integral part of our community, this great scattered class. 2020 saw the start of online lessons. 2021 saw the start of webinars.

Ugo Coppari, the founder, is a a writer who has been teaching of Italian as a foreign language since 2011. His last book is Aria

Thanks to

Linda Riolo (Piccolo mondo italiano), Francesca de Luca (IIC Città del Messico), Daniel Bellissimo (IIC di New York), Carmelo Averna (IIC di Madrid), Paola Pallini (IIC di Lisbona), Anna Holt (Università di Porto Rico di San Juan), Delia Malgari, Sara Bertucci, Ilaria Capatti and the Grimm Sisters for helping us get the word out about our project.

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