Pensierini magazine collects the best stories written by students for our blog, accompanied by illustrations from Valerio Compagnone and quirks of Italian language, culture, and society. Other than being a reward for the work done by the authors, it is a useful tool for all those readers who want to practice by reading essays written in simple, clear Italian. The magazine is laid out and illustrated to allow a pleasant reading experience and thus facilitate the study of the Italian language.


1 issue – 10 €

Subscription (4 issues) – 30 €

Pensierini Magazine #8
September 2021

Pensierini Magazine #7
June 2021

Pensierini Magazine #6
March 2021

Pensierini Magazine #5
December 2020

Pensierini Magazine #4
September 2020

Pensierini Magazine #3
June 2020

Pensierini Magazine #2
December 2019

Pensierini Magazine #1
June 2019

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